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1TIFF To PDF Convert Command Line  v.2.2Business / Word Processing$39.00Shareware1.02 Mb
2Line Breaking (Line Folding) module  v.2.3.0Development / MiscellaneousFreeFreeware530 Kb
3Longest line, sort by line length  v.2.0Utilities / Miscellaneous-Shareware3.09 Mb
4Febooti Command line email - send mail from Windows command line  v.4.0Multimedia / Miscellaneous-Shareware2.59 Mb
5Line  v.1.2Multimedia / Image EditorsFreeFreeware158 Kb
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1LineDrop  v.2.0.0Utilities / File ManagementFreeFreewareDetail

LineDrop is a simple tool designed to help you convert the line ends

20 Kb
2Word Converter Exe  v.1.76Business / Presentation Tools$499.95SharewareDetail

Word Convert erEXE is an application designed to assist MS Office users to convert Excel and convert Word files. Our file conversion software can be run from the command line allowing for use in batch files as well as launching programmatically from

2.88 Mb
3PDF to PDF/A Command Line  v.2.0Business / Applications$79.00SharewareDetail

PDF to PDF/A Converter Command Line does convert PDF files to PDF/A files, PDF to PDF/A Converter allows you to convert your existing PDF documents (normal or scanned) into ISO 19005-1 PDF/A-compliant archivable documents. Create PDF/A-1b files.

7.74 Mb
4Convert Excel To CSV  v.29.12.28Business / Miscellaneous$28.95SharewareDetail

The software allows you to convert Excel to CSV (comma-separated value) format.

1.35 Mb
5Text2rtf  v.0.1Utilities / Miscellaneous-SharewareDetail

text2rtf is a small command line application to convert plain text to RTF.

10 Kb
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1LineCombo ActiveX Control  v. / ActiveX$19.95Shareware2.28 Mb

line picker, pick line, activex, control, ocx, line chooser, pattern line, line pattern, gdi pen, combopro, shareware, line style, styled line, bitmap line, hatch line, texture line, solid line

2Neomesh Image Console  v.1.1Multimedia / Image Converters$19.95Shareware570 Kb

console image, command line image, command line jpg, command line image resizer, command line bmp, command line thumbnail, command line gif, command line tif, command line jpeg, commandline image, console animation

3MS Word Rename Multiple Files Based On Content Software  v.7.0Business / Spreadsheets$19.99Shareware758 Kb

names, first characters, renaming, docs, msword, renamer, first line of text, recursively, corrector, massive

4Count Characters Per Line Software  v.7.0Utilities / System Tools$19.99Shareware15.68 Mb

counting characters for every line in txt file, how to count characters by line of file, count characters in each line, count, occurence, character, line, huge, file, count the number of characters in each line, line break, strings

5Line Count Manager  v.2.5.2Business / Presentation Tools$34.00Shareware12.02 Mb

line count, page count, character count, word count, line count excel, line count powerpoint, line count software, line count tool

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